Command-Line Tools

ETK provides a set of command-line tools, and can also be used as Rust crates. Let's dive into the command line tools first.

Install from Source

ETK and its tools can be installed by compiling the source code on your local machine.


ETK is written in Rust and needs to be compiled with cargo. The minimum supported Rust version 1.51. If you don't have Rust installed, install it now.

Install Development Version

The development version contains all the latest features, bugs, and maybe even some bug-fixes that will eventually be released in the next version. If you can't wait for the next release, you can install the development version from git yourself.

Open a terminal and use cargo to install ETK:

cargo install \
    --git '' \
    --features cli \
    etk-asm \

Install Released Version

Once you have Rust and cargo installed, you just have to type this snippet in your terminal:

cargo install --features cli etk-asm etk-dasm

Install from Binaries

Precompiled binaries will be provided for select platforms on a best-effort basis. Visit the releases page to download the appropriate version, once we create one, for your platform.

Install Syntax Highlighting

Syntax highlighting for vim is available via vim-etk.